Epoxy mortar repairs & forming

When our friends at the French oven bakery installed a new grease trap . There were problems with the concrete finishing and we were called in to make it look good

Greenworld Cooler Floor

7000 sf cooler Epoxy flooring in MISSISSAUGA . Epoxy resins cure with temperature Lower temperatures will slow down the curing. Installation of Epoxy flooring should be at a minimum temperature of 10c

York Region City Hall receives new parking deck floor over the holidays!

The staff for the City Hall stop the work in the afternoon on the 23rd and don’t return until January 3. We took this opportunity to install a new epoxy floor in their 27,000 square-foot parking deck in Newmarket. We also installed 3000 linear foot of Epoxy Yellow lines that look great ​​​

York Region center receives new epoxy floor in parking garage

Usually when we do installations on parking decks we use a polyurethane flooring system that acts as a waterproofing system. The polyurethane waterproofing systems have elongation properties that allow the flooring to stretch over any new cracking that is developed to maintain a barrier for water between parkingdecks. in this case the parking deck is […]

New Plumbing shop/warehouse epoxy floor 

This shop floor north of Bolton Ontario is part of a new build for the expansion of flex contracting The floor was ground, any shrinkage cracks were fixed and a full- broadcast epoxy floor was installed at 1/8″ average thickness            

Warehouse Epoxy Floor 425 Attwell dr

This 16,000 square-foot floor close to the airport needed heavy grinding to remove the Mastics, mortars and contamination that been there for many years. There were challenges with the 600v connection as well as 110 V power ofher trades were everywhere Each hand grinder requires 15 amps min and the vacuum as well we got […]