Nightfall Garage

“Nightfall” flake is a great flake option that feels luxurious and hides dirt and dust very well in the future. After diamond grinding the floor and filling the cracks, we coated this floor as well as up the wall with the flake pattern. We finished with a clear top coat and added some light anti-slip […]

Garage season is starting!

We finished our first epoxy flake garage of the season today in Thornhill The flooring and walls were coated in a full flake pattern. It all worked out beautifully and  the customer is very happy! There is nothing that you could do to your home that will improve it more for the money then and Epoxy […]

White Epoxy Floor for Exotic Car Garage in Thornhill

When our customer built a new garage to store his exotic cars he was adamant on a white floor against all recommendations. The Epoxyguys installed a white floor in this garage and the customer is very happy.

Peter’s Cottage Floor

The floor of this 50-year-old cottage or sagging and softonce we removed it we also discovered that all the supports for the floor and walls were rotten after changing them and installing plywood we decided to epoxy the floor in a blue and white flake finish -a nautical theme                    

Aadco Auto Recycling Brampton

Very uneven and porous concrete Trip hazards patched Trench drain joints patched Job complete