Nightfall Garage

“Nightfall” flake is a great flake option that feels luxurious and hides dirt and dust very well in the future. After diamond grinding the floor and filling the cracks, we coated this floor as well as up the wall with the flake pattern. We finished with a clear top coat and added some light anti-slip […]

Food plant floor drain repairs with epoxy

We find in older food plants that some of the floor drains/ cleanouts are smashed from forklift traffic. The traditional repair methods involved digging out the floor drain to access the pipe, cutting the pipe removing and replacing the broken plumbing fixture & repouri g the concrete.While we are doing your floor we can fix […]

Epoxy mortar repairs & forming

When our friends at the French oven bakery installed a new grease trap . There were problems with the concrete finishing and we were called in to make it look good

Bakery flooring in Mississauga

Bakeries need to mix heavy Bowls full of ingredients prior to production.T hese bowls wear out the floor and it will get so bad that they fall over spilling contents and slowing production. We can resurface the floor under mixers with heavy duty polyurethane cement to solve the problem

Jamaican Patty factory floor

This North York federally inspected plant is expanding. The industrial unit beside the plant was acquired for expansion. The epoxyguys installed a ployurethane sceed ucrete floor & curb walls

Costco Bakery Flooring In Sudbury

We were contacted by are friends at Costco to go install the new floor in Sudbury as it appears there’s a shortage of installers there. We spent the weekend Sudbury and this is what it looked like.