Expansion Joint Cover


Original joint is a trip hazard ad water from  floor cleaning is seeping to through floor

Expansion Joint Exposed

With the original cover removed the expansion joint is exposed.

Repaired Seamless Hospital Expansion Joint

New seamless expansion joint installed!

Unbelievably strong permanent expansion joints!

 Expansion joints frequently fail in high traffic areas due to many factors:

  1. 1-Expansion 1-expansion contraction of substrates
  2. 2-Physical damages
  3. 3-Inadequate strength of initial building requirements at termination points
  4. 4-Automated scrubbing of floor over UN-waterproofed joints. This results in an obstacle, a trip hazard and damaged flooring 

We have developed a number of techniques for repairing failing expansion joints that offer Seamless, Super heavy duty reliability and minimum installation downtime.

We can repair a joint permanently and return it to service in

as little as 1 day!!